Healthier Ingredient Options

Eating healthy does not mean throwing out your favourite recipes just because they contain cream as one of the ingredients. You can try replacing the following high fat ingredients with lower fat options.

Standard Option Healthier Option
Full cream milk Reduced fat/non fat milk
Full cream evaporated milk Low fat/light evaporated milk
Yoghurt Low fat/diet yoghurt
Cream Low fat/light evaporated milk
Low fat unsweetened yoghurt
Tasty cheese Edam cheese
Cream cheese Ricotta
Low fat cottage cheese
Streaky bacon Middle eye rasher
Luncheon meat 97% fat free/light ham, turkey, chicken
Tuna/salmon in oil or brine Tuna/salmon in spring water
Puff or regular pastry Filo pastry

You can also:

  • Add a side salad with foods like pies, pizza and lasagne.
  • Grate vegetables (like carrots) into mince dishes.
  • Add cauliflower or broccoli to pasta bakes and dishes.
  • Use leftover vegetables in soups or omelettes.
  • Add a can of beans or lentils to mince dishes.


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