I needed to change my life style and start making some good health choices. I joined the gym in December to build muscle tone in my legs had no idea what to do so worked with Andrew once a week for 1 hour. He set me up with a program to take into account my Arthritis in both knees and lower back. It has been 5 months and I notice the difference in my muscle tone, energy and overall fitness and even lost some weight along the way. I go to the gym 4 times a week and I know I would never have achieved this without Andrew’s encouragement, that push for 2 more and the training program he set for me. I have set myself a 12 month goal before I have my knee replacement and thanks to Andrew I will achieve it. Thanks again Andrew I could not have done this without your help.

Wendy, 59, Brighton  (Tas)


I would like to thank my trainer Andrew Ho for all the support and encouragement he gave me in preparing for my trip to the USA. I lost 14 kilos, dropped 3 clothes sizes but more importantly became fit enough to enable me to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the length of Central Park in NY. This was as well as walking many many kilometres up and down the hills in San Francisco and throughout the cities of Washington DC, New York and Boston with my fit energetic son. Because of my fitness acquired from almost daily workouts at the gym I was able to keep up with the fast pace he set!

Along with this my health has improved and I feel great, and I can’t wait to continue my fitness journey! Thank you again to Andrew and Anytime Fitness.”

Karen, 61, Kingston (Tas)


I had been coming to the gym for 6 months and working mostly on the weight machines. I knew I had to lift the intensity as I felt I was working hard but not feeling a lot of benefit. I also tended to do a lot of the same exercises so I need to mix it up a bit. I decided I would book in for a few PT sessions to get some ideas of other exercises and just to give myself a bit of a push. 3 months later I’m still having sessions with Andrew, and although the pained look on my face doesn’t always show it, I’m loving it! Andrew puts together great sessions with a lot of variety. I had terrible balance and had a very weak core, so Andrew pushed me to do a lot of core and balance exercises and I’ve surprised myself at what I can do. It’s great having the benefit of Andrew’s knowledge and having him motivate me to work hard in every session.

Jenny, 54, Kingston (Tas)


I have trained each week with Andrew for just over 3 years. I have improved vastly in my fitness level, and have enjoyed being able to run longer distances as well. Andrew’s sessions are always enjoyable, and I never feel like training is a chore, rather that I am working out with a friend.

Andrew keeps the sessions interesting by varying the equipment and exercises, and makes good use of the outdoor environment. He also listens to what I want to achieve and helps achieve desired strength and fitness goals.

Andrew is always punctual and very easy to communicate with and is very flexible with arranging training times around my variable work roster and busy family life.

Sally, 45, Balgowlah (Sydney)


 I’ve been training with Andrew for over 3 years now and every week I look forward to my training session, regardless of how tired I am or knowing how sore I might be the next day. My fitness has improved enormously and I have gone from someone who couldn’t run very far to running 3k and conquering the Cooper Park stairs.

Andrew is exactly what I wanted in a trainer, someone who motivates you and supports you in a kind and encouraging way. He manages to push me to my edge while still engaging in great conversation. I respect his knowledge and love the way he supports all his clients and their accomplishments, no matter how small.

Kim, 31, Bellevue Hill (Sydney)


 I have trained with Andrew twice a week for almost a decade through rain and shine (we avoided hail). Before I started working out with Andrew I had never trained seriously before, just relying on the sports I played to keep me fit. Back then I lacked solid core strength and aerobic fitness but I can now run my middle aged body up the hill to catch the bus and recover quite quickly.

Andrew is unfailingly good humoured and calm and is fun to train with even when I feel the burn. He is on time every time and he has a wide range of interests so conversations are always interesting. Notably, Andrew is very committed to keeping his fitness knowledge current, often describing a new university course he is undertaking. This has been very helpful for me as I have Type 1 diabetes and he has worked to understand how best to match my program to the challenges of my sugar control.

I can highly recommend Andrew as an excellent fitness coach.

David, 55, Northbridge (Sydney)


I trained with Andrew for a period of four months and during that time my body was toned and my fitness and strength improved greatly. I really enjoyed my training sessions. Andrew used a range of varied and interesting training techniques. He made training fun and something I looked forward to each week. I highly recommend Andrew as a personal trainer. He is professional, reliable & punctual & he has a passion for what he does.

Sharon 59, Lavender Bay (Sydney)


During the time I spent working with Andrew, I was able to achieve my personal fitness goals. I lost weight, greatly improved my overall conditioning, and built my core strength to a point I had never achieved before. Not only did Andrew help me achieve that, but he has given me the knowledge and the tools to continue to maintain my level of fitness and core strength on my own. He consistently put in extra time outside of our sessions so that he could offer a personalised and evolving workout regime that was parallel with my goals. Knowing where I started versus where I am today, I feel very fortunate for having had the opportunity to work with Andrew.

Ben, 26, Waverton (Sydney)


I first met Andrew in 2005 after joining Fitness First in St Leonards and signing up for three introductory PT sessions.

I trained with Andrew for approximately the next 18 months and proceeded to lose 20 plus kilos. Andrew’s ability to provide a service combining weight/resistance training and cardio training worked extremely well for me. The boxing seesions were extremely enjoyable but tough. I also found (and still find) Andrew’s monthly newsletters to be a great resource for nutritional and health information and training tips.

Along with Andrew’s help, I was able to achieve my fitness goals and become fitter and stronger than I had ever been before.

Andrew is a very personable and dedicated trainer who takes great interest in his clients and their achievements. I have no hesitation in endorsing Andrew and Health Jigsaw.

Duncan, Sydney


Andrew was my personal trainer for over 5 years, a time well spent. He is caring and concerned, easy going, positive, tactful and was always pleasant company.

Andrew made certain that he was up to date with the latest in exercises and diet and often would email me interesting and relevant information. He was always punctual even during the coldest darkest mornings! Sydney traffic unfortunately made our sessions increasingly impractical.

Louis, 59,  Turramurra (Sydney)


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