2 Minutes with Andrew

Health Jigsaw (based in Kettering, Tasmania – 35 minutes south of Hobart) was started by Andrew Ho in 2004. As a personal trainer, Andrew has been helping people get fitter, stronger and healthier for over 20 years.


What do you love most about being a personal trainer?
The great satisfaction of helping people to improve their health and well-being.

What’s your best tip for someone new to exercising?
At the start of each week, set aside times in your diary/calendar to exercise, even if you’re exercising by yourself. Treat it like any other business or medical appointment that you cannot cancel – this will help to hold yourself accountable.

What is your motto?
You’ve only got one body, so make sure you look after it well.

What motivates you?
Seeing my clients achieve their goals or do things that they once thought was impossible.

Do you like training in the morning, afternoon or at night?
I’m not a morning person when it comes to working out, but I have no problems making other people train first thing in the morning. My body responds much better when I exercise anytime after midday.

Inside or outside?
Definitely exercising outside in the fresh air.

Why do you exercise?
So I can still do the things that I’m doing now when I’m 80 years old and beyond.

What sports do/did you play?
Touch football, netball, Oztag, tennis, squash, rugby league, cricket and volleyball.

What is your favourite cuisine?

Tea or coffee?

Red or white?

How do you unwind?
Spending time with Kate (my lovely partner), kayaking and listening to music.


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Andrew is the owner and principal trainer of Health Jigsaw. He is a highly sought-after trainer and has been a personal trainer since 1997. Andrew has previously worked in a five-star luxury resort, large and small fitness centres and an exclusive personal training studio.

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