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Why Choose Us

Since we are a mobile health and fitness business, we come to you at a location that suits you best. There are no gym or membership fees, or contracts you need a lawyer to get out of.

Health Jigsaw specialises in personalised health and fitness training. We don’t run bootcamps or large group training, which means you will get more attention from us to make sure you’re not doing any of the exercises incorrectly and therefore should minimise the risk of injuries. We are not saying bootcamps are bad but we prefer to provide our clients with more personalised care and attention.

We use a variety of cardio and strength training exercises and equipment so your body won’t get used to doing the same routine all the time, which may include:

Strength Training Cardiovascular Core Training
Suspension Training
Exercise Bands
Body Weight
Interval Training
Exercise Ball
Suspension Training
Medicine Ball

A healthy lifestyle is not just about exercising – nutrition plays a big part too. You will not get results unless you are committed to both exercise and nutrition. We are realistic about health and fitness and won’t make you feel intimidated. With new clients, we tackle one or two habits at a time. It can be very quite overwhelming if you are trying to make a complete overhaul of your lifestyle right from the start.

We will provide you with lots of encouragement, education and support to help you reach your goals.

Testimonials from clients we have trained.


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