High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


If you’ve done personal training with me or have had a program written by me, then you will know what high intensity interval training or HIIT is all about. It’s an effective way to burn more fat, build strength and improve endurance.

HIIT is a training method in which high intensity intervals are alternated with low to moderate intensity intervals. HIIT workouts provide similar fitness benefits as continuous endurance workouts, but you burn plenty of kilojoules in a shorter amount of time.

The main benefits from HIIT are:

1. Increases Your Metabolism
Because of the vigorous nature of HIIT workouts, the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC tends to be greater. This means your metabolism increases for up to 48 hours after the HIIT workout, or you’re still be burning fat long after you’ve left the gym. One study of the effects of HIIT showed that subjects’ metabolic rates were elevated 21% 24 hours after and 19% 48 hours after an intense HIIT session.

2. Fast and Convenient
Everyone seems to be time poor these days so a fast workout (generally 20-30 minutes) is the perfect solution. HIIT workouts are also convenient as they can be done anywhere – at home, in a hotel room, in a park, at a gym.

HIIT workouts can easily be modified for people of all fitness levels. If you’re new to exercise, or getting back to training after an injury, make sure you perform the exercises with proper form (by engaging a personal trainer), work out at your own pace (modify the exercises if needed) and listen to your body.

The workout below is the first HIIT workout that you to download for free. We will be posting more HIIT workouts, so either subscribe to our newsletters to find out when the next workout will be available for you to download or check out our Facebook or Instagram pages. These workouts require little or no equipment and are designed to be done at home, at a park, in a hotel room or anywhere you can find some space.


Warm up (5 minutes)

Perform the circuit below 4 times, with exercises that you either perform 20 reps (times) or for 40 seconds, and no rest in between the exercises. You may take a quick break (no more than a minute) after each circuit.

No equipment is required for this workout.

20 reps – Push-Up
40 secs – Jumping Jacks
20 reps –Prisoner Squat
40 secs – Mountain Climbers
20 reps – Leg Raise
40 secs – Sprint on the Spot
20 reps (each side) – Russian Twists
40 secs – Butt Kicks
20 reps – Burpee
40 secs – High Knees

Stretching (5 minutes)

You’re welcome to download the image below onto your smartphone if that makes it easier.


Contact us if you want more information about HIIT. We can create workouts specific to your body’s requirements to help you function and move better.


Health Jigsaw is a well trusted mobile personal and fitness training business and our personal trainers have been helping clients get fitter, stronger, faster and healthier since 2004. Apart from putting together effective workouts, we can help you with nutritional advice. A healthy lifestyle is not just about exercising – nutrition plays a big part too. You will not get results unless you are committed to both exercise and nutrition.


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Andrew is the owner and principal trainer of Health Jigsaw. He is a highly sought-after trainer and has been a personal trainer since 1997. Andrew has previously worked in a five-star luxury resort, large fitness centres and an exclusive personal training studio.

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