Helpful Stuff

Traffic Lights Healthy Shopping Card – A handy card that you can keep in your wallet or purse to help you make healthier choices when you’re doing grocery shopping. (Traffic Lights Healthy Shopping Card)

Fast Food Guide – A guide looking at the menus of the three biggest fast food chains in Australia (McDonald’s, Hungry Jack’s and KFC), which hopefully will allow you to make “healthier” choices should you decide to eat at these unhealthy restaurants. (Fast Food Guide)

No Equipment Workout – This workout is designed to help you train anywhere (at a park, at home or in a hotel room) without the use of any equipment. (No Equipment Workout)

Staying Fit and Healthy – A general exercise guide written for Abbott Australasia (pharmaceutical company) for people with HIV (one of our clients worked for Abbott). This guide is also useful for anyone wanting information on how to start an exercise program. (staying-fit-and-healthy-abbott.pdf – 292KB)

Motivation – Photos, pictures and quotes to help motivate you along your healthy journey. (Motivation)

Free Workouts – Most of the workouts require little if not any equipment and are designed to be done at home, at the park, in a hotel room or anywhere you can find a bit of space. (Free Workouts)


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