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A Personal Trainer’s Week

Fortunately my work keeps me fit, but I also need to keep fit for my work. However, I actually enjoy doing my own workouts and other activities to stay active and have been for as long as I can remember. … Continue reading

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Think Outside the Square

About five months ago I was chatting to someone (let’s say her name was “Lisa”), who told me that she was concerned about her housemate’s (let’s call her “Maggie”) weight and health but did not know how to approach her … Continue reading

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Quick Nutrition Questionnaire

How do you rate with your nutrition?   1. How often do you eat breakfast? A. Every day     B. About 50% of the time     C. Rarely or never 2. How much water do you drink each … Continue reading

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Banana & Berries Smoothie

If you’re short of time, a smoothie is a good healthy alternative for breakfast. It can also be a great snack in summer. Ingredients A ripe banana Mixed berries – fresh or frozen (1/2 cup) Low fat/skim milk  (1 cup) … Continue reading

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